Is This Heinous?

you asked.

is this (dress) heinous ?

hello all you heindawgs out there! so sorry for my prolonged absence (if you even noticed? does anyone actually read this crap?) today i am stoked out my head to bring you the flower child above who just happens to my my littlest princess sister (baby jules as she is affectionately known by… everyone). this small child sent me the photo above when she was trying to make this summer maxi dress work in the frozen tundra of the upper peninsula where she lives and parties her ass off (errr… goes to school). the problem here isn’t really that the dress doesn’t work layered over a long sleeve tee. the problem is that its way too freakin big (did you borrow this from my closet jules?) the solution? put a belt on it ya clown! 

click to see how we remedied this heinousity 

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is this heinous (après ski) ?

its winter! its freeeeezzzinngggg in ny at the moment and whenever it gets like this i envy my friends who live in the mountains and can actually take advantage of the cold temps. i love skiing but what i love more is drinking so i was super stoked when i got this submission from my girl in colorado. she was at a bar after a long day on the slopes. the key here is being cozy as feck but also cute cute cute (you wanna impress those hottie snowboarders). sista, i gotta hate on your uggs for a sec but at least they’re not the usual really really bad kind. i love that you added a printed scarf and a fun necklace to make a super comfy sweater look totally pulled together. 

click below for two outfits to wear cozied up to the fire with a glass (bottle) of wine.

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is this heinous ? (makeover edition)


this cutie nugget of love texted me this photo when she was trying to coordinate something to wear out that evening (probably to get totally smashed…knowing her). i love this orange skirt but she’s not doing anything to show it off with this baggy gray top. i dont hate the top (it might be cute on a casual day with skinny jeans) but i really really dont love it with this outfit. and i also happen to know that this chica has a killer bod under that big thing that she best be showin off when she’s hitting the town.  

 click click to see how we solved her prob with one quick change.

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is this heinous (for a date) ?

oh fance i love dates! was it a first date? were you nervous as fark? you look cute! i think this outfit it totally great and date appropriate but i thought i better consult my man friend (love you s) for his opinion on this whole thing. unfortunately he totally ignored my email on the matter so i had to beg some other guy friends for advice via the modern miracle of fb chat. here’s the consensus on dating outfit rules: wear color, don’t go too trendy, don’t wear stripper heels, don’t wear too much jewelry, smile, wear your hair down, feel confident and comfortable. so there you have it. there were a couple questions about these socks sticking out of the boots. guys dont ‘get it’. don’t do anything too out of the box or they’ll be scratching their heads and distracted from how freakin awesome you are (we know they can’t multitask). 

click for two perfect date outfits below

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are these (boots) heinous ?

listen, i’m gonna be perfectly honest with you here, i wouldn’t be caught dead in those things. you literally could not pay me to wear them around the streets of ny. however, i get it. i totally see why people like these and i have seen many many super cute girls rocking floral docs in the past couple of years. so i’ll help you. there are only a few ways to style these hogs and i don’t want you farking this up and looking like some kind of crazy person (which could very easily happen) so here we go. 

click below for my suggestions. to reiterate, i will never put these things anywhere near my feet. 

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is this heinous (for a shopping day) ?

a shopping day?! omg you’re the luckiest betch i know! i want a shopping day! well, if you dear readers get lucky enough to find yourself in a similar situation take a few tips from this beauty above. shes doing so many things right i have to bullet point this out for you.

  • bright lipstick: don’t run out on a shopping day without getting your makeup straight. you want to look your absolute best to feel confident and polished in the clothes you’re about to try.
  • hair pulled back: you don’t want to worry about messing up your perfect do when you’re pulling clothes on and off all day. a chic pony is your best choice.
  • simple jewels: wear things that you love but that aren’t too flashy or fussy. her gold necklace and bracelet will look great with practically anything she will try on. 
  • basics you love: this perfect white blouse will look great paired with practically any bottom she tries and classic jeans will be easy to try any top with. 

  • slip on shoes: these fun slippers are the right choice when you will be taking your shoes on and off a million times all day (and hopefully finding some new fancies to buy!) 

click below for outfits for shopping all year round.

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is this (style) heinous ?

you know what’s not hein… those bangs! you my dear are sex on a stick. but i suppose you’re asking about the polka dot bow blouse huh? i love that too! yesterday we talked about work wear and i really should have included one of these bad boys. the bow blouse is another perfect “special” basic. its like the button down blouse’s super chic european cousin who’s in town for the weekend. this little lady has paired her’s with jeans, fun bracelets and simple earrings for a casual daytime look but this blouse could be just as perfect with a pencil skirt for work or with a great leather jacket for a night on the town. skip a necklace and let the bow (and your killer cleave) do all the talking. 

click below for six bow blouses you will loveski. 

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is this heinous (for the office) ?

ok little chickadee here’s the deal— you are farrrrr from hein but you also aren’t really turning heads at the office. you’ve done great things for your awesome bod by wearing a fitted pencil skirt and a wide belt at the smallest part of your waist but where’s the color? where’s the jewelry? stick to traditional work pieces (blazers, button downs, pencil skirts, straight leg pants, pointy toe shoes and sleek handbags) but choose them in unexpected colors, fabrics and patterns. a silk button down, a patent or suede shoe, a blazer with leather details, a printed blouse. add simple but special jewelry all in the same metal (gold with gold, silver with silver, etc) and you’re ready to impress your boss and get a huggggeeeee promotion in 2013 (no promises). 

clickety click for two office outfits that’ll make all your coworkers jeal.

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is this (blouse) heinous ?

our first duck face! i love it! here we have a neutral colored sheer striped top. this is an awesome basic piece to have in your repertoire. this duck facer has it styled up sexily with a lace bandeau bra but this piece is just as wearable for work if paired with the right pieces. i do have one question though. does that shower curtain have actual 3d poofs on all the heels? that is mild heinousity. also kind of amazing. xo

click click for two ways to style a sheer striped top!

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is this heinous (for happy hour) ?


i do know quite a few things about a happy hour and can confidently say that this is what i will henceforth refer to as the anti-hein. cute as fark, on trend, totally appropriate for the occasion and super flattering. burgundy (maroon, oxblood, whatever other fancyass name you come up with) has definitely been THE color this season. adding a pop of oxblood in an accessory is a great way to show that you pay attention without looking like you’re trying too hard to be trendy. what i really really love about this is the dress she chose. a fit and flare (real name) is the perfect thing for any gal that has a great bust and tiny waist but isn’t totally in love with their middle and hips (and honestly screw those biatches that are). my only tinnny complaint is the lack of tights. aren’t you cold missy?! 

click click for more ways to look as cute as this little nugget. 

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